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What Are Google Product Ads?

Google Product Listing Ads enable you to have your entire product range right alongside Google’s search results. Your products are triggered to display for any relevant search terms. Our management ensures you’ll only show for the most relevant searches, cutting out wasted spend.



Key Benefits Of Google Product Listing Ads

Full Shopping Feed Management

Ensuring the XML feed submitted to Google complies to the latest standards and is fully optimised to display for relevant search terms. Essential For E-Commerce Websites.

Cheaper Alternative To Adwords

In our experience we’ve seen savings of up to 70% with PLA’s compared to a mirror account in Adwords. This is a combination of substantially cheaper cost/click & improved conversion rate.

Multi CMS Compatibility

We’ve ran Google PLA’s alongside a variety of Content Management Systems including WordPress, Magento, Adobe Business Catalyst & custom built CMS. No CMS? We’ll create a custom feed for you.

Full Synchronisation

Your feed will be managed to 99% synchronisation with products on your site. If you add / remove products, your feed will reflect that. Also essential to stop advertising to Out Of Stock products.

Advanced Targeting Options

Limitless combinations of targeting criteria letting you target only customers whose traffic becomes most profitable. Including User Location, Language, Time Of Day, Product & Product Category.

Full Reporting

Comprehensive reports where your money is being spent, with in depth overviews into successful/unsuccessful campaigns and client interest, helping drive business forward.

Google Product AdsEssential For Online Shopping

£ 100

Per Month
  • Free Setup
  • Full Product Feed Management
  • Advanced End Of Month Reporting
  • Text/Image Ad Creation
  • Ongoing Optimisation
  • Account Evolution
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